What's the scenery simulation?

Mt. McKinley by Kashmir NEXT

Japanese version's here


Rendering Softwares

Vista PRO 3.0
The products of Rom Tech (Virtual Reality Laboratories, Inc.), U.S.A.

Bryce3D(KPT Bryce/Bryce2)
The products of Meta creation(Kai's...) for Mac and PC.

Scenery Animator
The products for Mac by Natural Graphics.

CH System
The products for PC-98(Japanese domestic computer). The creator's homepage is here. His newest software "Kashmir" is really outstanding!

Map Brothers

World Construction Set V3
@The products for NT or amiga by Questar Productions. See their page.
Animatek's WorldBuilder
See their homepage

web page is here. I have had a letter from the producer. Please check his comments with an image.

Visual Explorer
Woolley Software, U.K. This software is also availavble in Japan from A.I. Software. I have had a letter from the producer. Please check his anounce and their home pages.
Digital eXchange Engine
U.S. Softsource's software for AutoCAD. Also, 3D image of the landscape.
Intergraph's MGE Terrain Modeler
U.S. INTERGRAPH's software for professional use. This is an example for the professional-use softwares.
In Japan, AAS is also popular for landscaping softwares. Maybe for Silicon grafics' (I don't Know the latest information)

Elevation models

Digital Maps (Japan, domestic)

Grand Canyon

the elevation data from U.S.G.S.

Please check U.S.G.S. and their EROS data center webpages. You can also get 7.5" DEM from personal mirror site.


Please check here
Now under investigation.


Kii peninsula, Japan Digital Chart of the World derived DEM.
Please check Please check U.S.G.S. and their EROS data center webpages.


Japanese domestic data.

"Hand made"data

Free DEMs(JAPAN, domestic)

DEM in U.K.

Check here.Not free.:-)


I know two DEM sets of Mars(but almostly the same).
The first one is on SINUSOIDAL EQUAL-AREA PROJECTION. The aspect ratio will be correct, but it's difficult to tie adjoined regions together. You can purcahse the Digital Image Map of Mars directly by NASA. Digital Terrain Model appears on the Volume 7.
The second one is arranged with latitude and longitude. The aspect ratio will be seriously distored near the poles, but easy to tie together. I have once found them at some university's site, but I've never succeed to discover the data again on the Internet. Although, you can get the data in the commercial software (CD-rom version of VISTAPRO).
I've reconstructed the Mars topographic data with VISTAPRO and the data in it. The movie here is the one.(I made it years ago, then it looks so out-dated)

Please check
Atlas, and


Topographic map of Venus Please check
Venus map,
5km mesh Topographic image


Australia Not free

Canada Not free

catalogue of Degital elevation data

Hand-made data

in preparation

Mapping Data


Published by U.S.G.S.

Photos from Space Shuttle

WWW Page's here.
Example:Nagoya city (Japan)

Photos from airplanes

Published by G.S.I. of Japan.

Commercial Satellite Imagery

For example:

(Aug. 12, 1995)-(Dec. 22, 1996)

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